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Are You Struggling With Addiction (s)? 

Although a churchgoing Christian,  for many years I had secret addictions, sex and primarily, drugs.  What I have learned is that instead of depending on my own power , I learned to be filled (continually as Ephesians 5:18 teaches) with the power of The Holy Spirit.  That is where I found my Victory.  Halleluyah! It was not until I finally admitted defeat and began to humbly walk with the True and Living God,  the Creator of heaven and earth and all living things,  that I began to experience freedom.  I know without a doubt that there are many others like myself who are struggling with addiction;  perhaps drugs,  perhaps gambling,  perhaps sex or even abuse.  Take it from me hope is available.  Call on Jesus.  Yes,  you may need rehab but consider it a blessing,  a start to your freedom..  Might I suggest that you also confide in someone you trust (I confided in Pastor Chuck Smith) and use a facility that is led by Christ.  I pray this will bless you. Don’t beat yourself up.  Besides,  God Almighty already knows.  Nothing is hidden from Him.  He loves and values you.  You are His treasure !