Trying to Instruct or Inform God

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Who has directed the Spirit of the Lord,
Or has taught Him as His counselor?
14 With whom did He consult and who enlightened Him?
Who taught Him the path of justice and taught Him knowledge
And informed Him of the way of understanding? Isaiah 40:13-14

I have. I have directed God in so many things. I have sought so many times to take over the reins and tell God how He ought to do it. “Now Lord, i have  it all figured out. If You’ll just do this and this and this, it will be smooth, Lord, and just really work like a clock.” I have sought to direct God, Spirit of the Lord.

In reality, we’ve all endeavored to do this a time or two. To teach God what’s best for us.

Now as we realize the greatness and the vastness of God, and surely the power and the wisdom of God, how foolish for me to attempt to instruct God in anything! And yet, so often our prayers are like little information times. “Now Lord, I want You to know what’s going on. And I don’t like it.” And I start laying the trip on God. “This is what they did and this is what I said.” What are you telling Him that He doesn’t already know? Who’s given God understanding? Who’s instructed Him?

Our very endeavor to do so only indicates our lack of a true comprehension of the omniscience of God. This is what makes these doctrines of prosperity and everybody ought to be healed and all of this so ridiculous, because the effect of these doctrines is to place man in the driver’s seat and God in the servant’s seat. And now I am directing God what to do and how to do it. Rather than me taking my orders from God, it’s reversed and God’s got to be taking orders from me. Rather than God’s will being done, there’s an insistence that my will be done. And that whole system just is utterly blasphemous! To think that I know better than does God; what should be done in a given situation. Or I know what’s best for me. I don’t. Actually, I do. What’s best for me is God to work out His will perfectly and completely in my life. That’s what best for me. Nothing finer could ever happen to me.

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